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I am an architectural and interiors photographer,
dedicated to capturing the connection between buildings,
the environment they occupy, and the users they were designed for.

Qualifications & Experience:

Colourful and expressive architectural photography is essential in helping inspire new clients. It strengthens bids for new work and lifts your award submissions and marketing material above the rest. I have over a decade of experience in architectural photography, photographing for the largest and most progressive design firms in the industry.

Photographing for a large variety of designers has allowed me to capture a wide variety of sectors and professions, such as architecture, interior design, lighting and engineering. As a result, my extensive experience includes photographing for clients designing for residential, retail, education, healthcare, leisure and workplace, and help showcase their work and their teams at their best.

I welcome the chance to support your practice and your projects in marketing material, upcoming awards and future project bids with high quality architectural commercial photography.

Accolades include features in the AJ,, BDOnline amongst others, and also named a winner of the RIBA Global Architecture Photography competition in 2021.

What to look out for when booking an Architectural and Interiors Photography Shoot

Architectural photography is a very specialised type of photography that captures the beauty and detail of the built environment. It not only requires a skilled photographer, but it also requires a number of favorable circumstances to get the best images possible. However, some of these are factors beyond our control, such as unpredictable weather and unexpected maintenance activities, all of which can affect the appearance of a building. While we can’t always prevent these issues, careful planning can help us get the best possible results.

To assist my clients in preparing for their architectural photography project, I have created a short checklist for them to consider:

Briefing and Initial Discussions:

Prior to visiting your site, we will have some discussions to determine a brief for photography. A lot of what I photograph on site is entirely down to my own experience and eye, but if there are specific requirements that need to be taken into account, such as important aspects of the design or even a general story of how the project came about, these all help in getting the best images to illustrate your project.

Site Access and Condition:

Site access and condition are important in determining the success of your final images. Opinions on whether a project is completed and ‘photography ready’ differ between the design team, the contractor and the client. For example, post completion, there may still be ongoing works to the landscaping element, so it is important during out initial discussions that the condition of the site is understood.

Weather and lighting:

Weather and lighting play a crucial role in capturing great architectural photographs. To ensure the best conditions for photographing your project, I assess the sun’s position before visiting a location. This helps me plan where to be and when, taking into account the position of the sun, the orientation of the building and its most important facades and also the time of year, for when the sun is at its lowest or highest in the sky. All of these factors mean that access to the site needs to be flexible, and may mean a shoot takes place in the morning, daytime and evening.

What’s included in the fee?

Due to projects ranging vastly in size and location, I offer a simple rate that covers either a half day or full day photography, depending on your requirements. I provide a full architectural photography service within this fee, no hidden costs. Included in the service is everything from the initial discussions with your design team to create a brief for photographing your project, my time photographing on site, all post production and basic retouching, and delivery of your images in a high resolution format.

The only thing not included are general travel and accommodation expenses, as these vary project to project. They will however be kept to a minimum.

If you require a professional architectural photographer, whether it be in London, UK or further afield, and you would like to discuss a project, please contact myself using the details below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

For more specific information, you can find my T&Cs here.

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